Magnetic Filter Bar In China

Magnetic Filter Bar


Magnetic rods are mainly used in magnetic separators made of magnetic structures, which can effectively absorb iron impurities and small metal particles in loose or flowing raw materials.

1. The standard cylindrical magnetic rod produced by Ningbo Lihe  Magnet has a diameter of 25mm (1 inch). The length can be processed according to customer requirements, and the longest can reach 2500mm. Square or other different shapes and sizes of magnetic rods are also available.
2.The magnetic rods  usually use 304 or 316L seamless stainless steel tubes, and the surface can be polished to meet the special requirements of the food, pharmaceutical and other fields.
3. The maximum operating temperature of the conventional products of Lihe Magnet is 80℃. For the special needs of customers, we can provide products with a maximum operating temperature of 350℃.
4. Ningbo Lihe Inc. has diversified two-end designs-pointed ends, threaded holes, studs, etc.
5. We uses NdFeB permanent magnets and different grades of rare earth permanent magnets to produce magnetic bars with different magnetometers to meet the needs of customers. The maximum magnetometer of the D25mm magnet bar can reach 12000GS.

Circular:  Φ8  12  16   19   22   25   32   38   50   76   101 mm
Square:    20x10  25x13  25x25   40x20  60x30  75x45  1000x800 mm
Length rang:100---4000  mm
Magnetic field strength:1000 GS---14000 GS


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